Why should I hire a wedding planner?

This is something I get asked so often. Along with questioning the expense and that they could plan it without a wedding planner, but did you know that a wedding planner can actually save you money and also get more for your money?


So, you’re engaged, it’s a moment you have dreamed of for a while and finally you can start planning. But where do you start? Then the dreaded questions from family and friends, “you haven’t booked a venue yet?”

It can take up to 300 hours to plan a wedding, a lot of hours researching and planning which can take up a lot of your spare time. It can be even longer if you count all those hours scrolling through Pinterest! Why shouldn’t you be enjoying this time being engaged and not stressing over colour schemes and forgetting about booking a photographer.

With the rise of Pinterest and Instagram influencers, there are so many choices and it is becoming more popular to come up with different, more exciting and unique ideas for weddings. As a bride or groom, it is easy to get swayed by the pretty and not understand the practical (why should you? That bit is boring!) Enter your Wedding Planner. With extensive experience and a practical view, your professional wedding planner can help bring your dream to life, with the perfect alternatives to not only suit your style, venue and set up, but most importantly to fit your budget!

What can a wedding planner do?

To begin with, your planner will become your confidante, your friend, your ally and most importantly your voice of reason. With many different services available, a wedding planner can help with everything, or just manage the day.

It is often heard that a venue has a coordinator so a wedding planner isn’t necessary. This is a huge misconception and having worked as a venue coordinator, I can assure you this is so far from the truth. A venue coordinator is a pivotal and important role and can be super helpful with the planning, but they generally won’t advise the best suppliers for your style and budget, they wont research outside of their preferred suppliers for you. They will look after the venues interest and although they will guide through timings and sometimes catering, they won’t help you design your table plan, collect RSVPs, negotiate with suppliers and sometimes they do not even work on your wedding day.

With different services available your wedding planner can help with as much or as little as you would like.

From full wedding planning to on the day wedding management and coordination, Lyla Rose Events can also offer bespoke services so just call us to see how we can help you, to suit your requirements, and your budget.

You CAN buy experience, expertise and knowledge…

…by hiring a wedding planner that can offer all of these things! Along with being a problem solver, your planner will be able to help you ultimately enjoy not only your wedding day but the entire wedding planning process. Your engagement should be a fun time with no stress so take out the not so fun bits and give them to someone else to deal with… an expert who actually enjoys the logistical planning process!

As I have mentioned before, it takes A LOT of hours to plan a wedding, time that most people do not have. You could be planning your wedding from abroad, whilst working a demanding career in the city or even caring for a family that comes first. Your wedding planner can make planning your wedding a hell of a lot easier by taking away research, chasing, negotiating and countless to-do lists!

And of course, time is money! Yes, a wedding planner does cost money but did you know, as well as saving you hours of work, we work with suppliers and negotiate the cost and also the value of what you get.

Not sure how to approach a difficult conversation between your family, no longer want to be in the middle of confusing and demanding advice, perhaps you need someone else to deal with your suppliers. Your wedding planner becomes your voice and your reason, mediating any situation you need (and mostly before you even know there could be a problem!)

If you want photos of your wedding day, you hire a photographer. If you want food, you hire a caterer. If you would like music at your wedding, you hire a DJ or a band. So if you would love your dream wedding day, ideal stress-free planning journey and no worry about behind the scenes on your wedding day, you should hire a planner.

With the advice and guidance of a professional wedding planner, not only will you have the wedding you always imagined, but you will enjoy every moment.

If you want to find out more about how hiring a wedding planner can help you, call us for a (free!) friendly chat on 07581 190478 or drop us an email on hello@lylaroseevents.com.

*For different services and in different capacities.