Planning your wedding across the seasons…

Each season offers an idyllic setting with different themes, styles and trends and you really can take the seasons and incorporate them into your wedding day.

I have a few ideas and things to consider for each season.

Spring Weddings

With summer just around the corner, beautiful flowers blooming and gorgeous blossom all around, who doesn’t like the idea of a spring wedding.

Take advantage of the Easter break and opt for a Thursday wedding before Good Friday, which generally have lower venue rates. Your friends and family may choose to go away over the Easter break so get those save the dates out early!  Furthermore, with a two week break from school there are also plenty of mid-week dates you can choose from.

Alongside a beautiful spring wedding you can have a really simple elegant design and let the flowers do the talking for you. Opting for lighter colours will bring a fresh look to your day, even if you do get a little bit of spring showers.

Speaking of which, make the most of the weather. If it is sunny, great! If it isn’t, great! You can get some really cool photos in the rain with umbrellas and puddle reflections. If you choose a venue and are concerned about the weather, choose somewhere you can have equally beautiful photos inside.

With unpredictable temperatures and weather patterns, it pays to be on the safe side. Get some cute flats, cool sunnies, a shawl and a white umbrella… just in case!

Summer Weddings

The most popular season of the year, and for good reason. It’s warm (normally), less likely to rain, everyone is happy and you can get some awesome photos outside… you could even get married outside.

Summer décor is the easiest, cheapest and simplest. You aim to be outside most of the time and you generally do not need to decorate a garden. For example, you have a wonderful garden in bloom, do you need to add anything else if it is already beautiful. Perhaps not, but if you want to, take a look at candles, fairy lights and a few garden games. You could even have a outside photobooth hanging in a tree. Ideally your priority for outside is to make sure there are plenty of refreshments.

When it comes to your outfits, think carefully about all the layers, the thick suit, the sleeves on the dress… it can get VERY hot. As I am writing this, we are experiencing the hottest day in the UK ON RECORD! Lighter suit colours and thinner material are a must if you want to take off your jacket without fear of embarrassment. Also, lighter, sleeveless dresses are ideal and if you get hot, use some baby powder!

Autumn Weddings

Now, I am not bias… much, but this is my favourite time of year. The leaves are turning, the nights are drawing in and the weather is turning a little crisper. You still get sunshine and warmth in the day but it just looks… prettier?

I am not the only one to think this, autumn is becoming a favourite to rival summer. Who is to blame them when you really can use nature to create your dream wedding.

Ideal for eco-friendly weddings, use natural leaves in your décor, wooden logs on your tables, candles to bring a romantic light and you can even write your place cards on leaves.

With losing the light earlier, photos must be planned during the best light. Make sure you are liaising with your photographer on the best timings to get those awesome sunset shots.

Winter Weddings

Walking in a winter wonderland. Most couples I have talked to with regards to winter weddings long for snow. I actually had a beautiful wedding in gorgeous snow last year, but you cannot order snow (well, unless you buy a decent snow machine!) and sometimes it can make it difficult for guests and suppliers with travelling. Luckily the worst of it was the Thursday and by the Saturday it was a lovely dusting, enough for photographs but not too much for guests to endanger themselves!

It is such a romantic time of year, with Christmas spirit, New Year happiness and Valentines Day love, what better time of year to tie the knot. At Christmas and New Year you get lots of decorations at the venue and my only advice for Valentines Day, do not order roses. The price dramatically increases!

January can be a bleak month, but make it the most happiest of all by getting married. It will give everyone something to look forward to after the Christmas break and being the quietest month for weddings you can get a lot more value for your money.

Don’t forget to pack an umbrella, shrug and wedding wellingtons!

With the weather an unpredictable factor, my best advice is to plan for every eventuality. Don’t be too disappointed and embrace whatever happens on the day.

For more advice on how to plan for your perfect wedding season, get in touch today.