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The Perfect Shoes For Your Wedding » Lyla Rose Events

The Perfect Shoes For Your Wedding

I don’t know about you, but I love shoes. I have way too many and admittedly I favour style over comfort, but what about shoes for your wedding day?

To take the most important walk of your life, what shoes would you be wearing? Here are a few tips, tricks and advice about your wedding shoes.


Firstly, think about what height heel is most comfortable for you. It helps to go for a height that you would normally wear. Don’t forget to take into account the height of your future husband or wife before choosing the ideal size. It may be worth considering taking the height of your wedding party too.


Some people do not like to wear heels, some can be so uncomfortable I don’t blame them at all. Remember you are going to be on your feet all day so flats may be the best option for you. I personally cannot wear flats all day, as funny as it sounds, flats can be too flat! So, for me a prefer a little heel, even if it is ever so slight, until the end of the night that is…!


Ok, are you getting married outside? On the beach? Do you have to walk across gravel? Does your venue have a strict no heel policy (yes this can happen!) Don’t forget to take the ground into consideration when choosing your wedding shoes. There is nothing worse than sinking into grass in your heels or trying to balance in your wedges on the beach. I would suggest wedges for grass and gravel and sandals for the beach, or nothing at all! Did you know that you can also get small caps to put on your heels to prevent sinking in the ground?


Not only should you consider the ground, but the weather. Is it likely to be cold? Don’t have open toe. Is it looking like it could snow? Remember to get some comfortable boots and consider a material for your shoe that won’t ruin in wet weather like satin. Have you thought about a back up for outside? Perhaps some wedding wellingtons!


Why not add a little colour and personality to your outfit through your shoes? If you love colour but have opted for a white or ivory wedding dress, then why not add a splash of your favourite colour to your shoes. They could be hidden most of the day so you will just be able to catch a few glimpses of colour to add a little you. Not forgetting this could be your something blue!


It is an important walk and there may be a lot you want to say to your future husband or wife so you could write it on the bottom of the shoes. This way your message will be carried with them as they walk into the ceremony and throughout your wedding day.


It can be a long day, most of it you will be standing or dancing. There is nothing worse than sore feet, swollen from the heat or even blisters. Switch it up in the evening and wear a cute pair of trainers, or even slippers. At this point you want to be dancing the night away so who cares what’s on your feet! As long as you don’t remember painful feet on your wedding day it doesn’t matter!


With that in mind, practise walking in your shoes. Make sure they have good grip, are not too tight and you can wear them in to prevent blisters!

As I admire my collection of shoes, I have to remind myself to take my advice for my own wedding shoes!