The Emotional Rollercoaster of Planning a Wedding

Planning a wedding can be an emotional rollercoaster, something that your wedding planner can help with, however check out the journey of emotions below from your engagement to your wedding!

Blissful Happiness

Champagne is flowing, excitement in the air. As you tell everyone you are finally engaged there is utter happiness between you both and your family and friends.


Now what? Where do I start? What do I do? How much will it cost? This can be a confusing time as you start to piece together what you should be doing. My best advice for you is to get your wedding planner on board at this stage, they can help you, guide and advise you, as well as save you time and money. Also, want to be the first to know about a wedding “planner” that you can use, that is affordable and perfect to show you how to plan your wedding? Click here to get on the waitlist. 


This is when the questions start flying in from family and friends which then starts your worry about timing, lack of planning and seeing spiralling costs. STOP! Don’t let anyone scare you into making planning decisions, it will never be too late to plan something. Trust me, I have arranged a photobooth for a couple on the day of a wedding! If in doubt, get in touch with a wedding planner, they can help with any fears.


When you realise, you got this. You’ve made some important big decisions and you’re excited again for the big day.


It’s nearing the big day, you have done the big things; the venue, catering and ceremony. What about the little things? The flowers, the photographer, music for the ceremony, entertainment? What about transport, make up… the list can go on and suddenly you feel overwhelmed with the additional planning work you have to do. This emotion can be totally eliminated, just get in touch with a wedding planner to help you bring your final plans together.


You feel like everything is done, you’re ready for your big day and the hen party and stag do’s are in full swing. You’ll soon be married!


As your day draws nearer, you will become a little stressed. Even if everything is planned. This is normal as you get closer to become a married couple.


Have you remembered the cake, what about the playlist for the DJ? Did you remember to book the hotel room for the night before? 99% of the things you will panic about will have been sorted and if you have a wedding planner on board then you do not need to worry about this stage as they will have checked off everything for you.


The big day is here! At this point you accept any fear, worry, panics and squash these emotions with cheerfulness, joy, excitement and blissful happiness.

Want to skip a few of these emotions? Give me a call and let’s see how Lyla Rose Events can help you stay happy, joyful and excited on your wedding journey. Click here to get in touch.