A Day in the Life of a Wedding Planner

Do you ever wonder what we get up to every day as a wedding planner?

As a business owner we certainly do a lot more than just planning weddings, but that’s the boring bit right? What about the rest of it?

Non-Wedding Day

No one day is the same and there are two different working days, a wedding day and a non-wedding day. The latter is what creates the first and so the most important. On a typical non-wedding day, after some coffee and getting the little one off to childcare, the day can begin.

I always start the day doing tasks I do not tend to enjoy, then it gets it out the way. So, after some of the boring business admin and accounts stuff, I can start doing some marketing, perhaps writing some blog posts and social media posts.

A normal day can also consist of researching and meeting with new suppliers for wedding couples. It is always underestimated how long research can take. Not everyone likes that part of planning, but I have to admit I love researching potential suppliers. Especially because I get to meet lots of new people and interact with the outside world. Hands up any self-employed people out there who work alone…!

Hopefully, I get to meet and talk with new clients and then will always make sure I check in with all my clients regularly depending on where we are at with the wedding planning!

After a productive day, I always then make sure I spend time my little Lyla before bedtime and have good intentions of reading a book… generally I get stuck into cooking and catching up on rubbish  TV!

Wedding Day

Now, along comes the wedding day. A very different set up to the normal working days! Set up may have started a few days earlier, but a wedding morning always starts early.

The first thing I always make sure I do before I leave the house is have a HUGE breakfast! On a wedding day you really do not know when you will get a chance to eat, so I always fill myself up and take a few snacks to eat throughout the day.

Whilst finalising the set-up details I check in with the wedding couple on the morning. Most importantly making sure they have everything they need and are happy.

The day then continues through coordinating the ceremony, drinks reception and then the wedding breakfast and speeches. It’s a busy day of making sure people are in the right place at the right time, as well as ensuring that everything runs as planned and ironing out any potential issues.

Once the room is turned around, the cake is cut and the first dance is under way, I ensure that the evening food is served perfectly. Depending on the service, we either stay right until the last dance or head off home for some much needed rest. That is until the following morning for take down and clearing up!

I really do love what I do, all aspects of the job. It isn’t as glamourous as the movies make out but it’s perfect for me.

If you want to know more about what I do, get in touch here.